We’re back!


I’ve owned this domain for over a decade. I was nineteen then, I just looked it up and honestly I can’t believe it.

A lot has happened in that time. I’ve had a few jobs, worked on some great projects, had plenty of fun, moved out of my parents house, met who I now call my fiancé, traveled to some of my favorite cities in the U.S., purchased a home, rescued the best dog in the world, and more.

I have few, if any regrets. The one thing I wish I could have kept the same was my love of health and fitness. Sure I’ve worked out and ate well for brief stints, but nothing close to the commitment I had in my teens. It was my passion and the only real outlet for the (albeit small) problems and frustrations of that time in my life. I stopped working out when I simply got tired of it one day and decided to take a day off. One day turned into two, then a week and the rest was history.

It’s been hard to get that passion, the “gym bug” as it’s affectionately referred to back, but I’m starting to feel it. PowerWeight will be a chronicle of not only my progress back into shape but also a resource for others to learn and  grow from.

I invite you to keep visiting the site and see how it develops. It won’t be easy, but just like with working out, results take time and nothing worth having ever comes easy. Let’s fight for it!


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