The Anderson Silva Leg Break and Recovery

Anderson Silva

Any fan of the UFC or MMA will have a hard time forgetting December 28, 2013. During one of the most anticipated fights ever and a very interesting first round of the Middleweight Championship fight, the Anderson Silva leg break happened.

I remember noticing how fast and powerful that kick was. There was a slight motion blur by his foot, then he grimaced and fell to the floor in obvious pain. I immediately thought of what it could be but hoped I was wrong. Unfortunately I was right.

In a blink of an eye, Anderson Silva broke his left tibula and fibula. The cause was a checked leg kick by Chris Weidman. This changed everything. Chris Weidman’s first victory was highly disputed because of Anderson Silva’s “clowning” or joking around. That’s definitely a part of Silva’s game plan which has worked like a charm, until Weidman that is. Now with this injury, Weidman has defeated Silva twice and defended the belt once. Weidman is still unfairly seen by some as not being a true champion but that’s unfortunate due to uncontrollable circumstances.

Where does this leave Silva? Well, he still has a contract with the UFC and Silva says he still wants to fight. Will he go straight for the belt? I highly doubt it. If Silva returns, he will have to work his way back to the top. I would say two or three consecutive wins before a shot at the title. That would be the best approach as he will likely be overcoming the psychological effects of the leg break much more than the actual physical rehabilitation.

Anderson Silva had surgery the same night of the fight and the recovery timeline is approximately 6-9 months. This doesn’t include training to get back to fighting shape. I believe Silva will be able to physically recover from this injury, my biggest concern is whether mentally he will be ready to step back into the octagon.

Below is a video from Anderson’s first interview since the injury.

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